This process is a surface treatment applied to remove unwanted burrs and roughness on the surfaces of materials such as metal, plastic, wood, etc. during or after the production process.


It is a surface treatment applied to obtain a shiny surface by improving the surface roughness on the surface of a product consisting of materials such as metal and plastic at the micron level. By means of this process, smooth and very shiny surfaces are obtained.


This process is especially a surface treatment used to remove dust and dirt layers on the surfaces of metal, plastic and wood-based parts. After this process, surfaces that are clean and suitable for the next process (coating, secondary processes, etc.) are obtained.


This process is a surface treatment that is used to remove the undesired oil and dirt layers remaining on the part after pressing or machining processes, especially in metal products. In addition, this process is used to remove the rust layer formed on metal parts that are susceptible to oxidation and are waiting in unprotected environments.


It is a surface treatment applied to rounding sharp edges and corners and obtaining soft lines in parts such as metal, plastic, wood, depending on the production technologies or processing methods.


With the processes developed by Kromas, 2000 years of antique appearance and effects can be obtained exactly. The processes we have developed for special products such as columns, pavements, wall stones, marble sinks, sculptures are used successfully in the sector. With the aging systems it produces, the aim of Kromas is to move businesses to the target of maximum production with the least cost and offer important advantages to its customers in competitive conditions.


Krom-X® processes developed by Kromaş are complementary to the other processes we have developed, and by eliminating burnishing, it carries the surface quality to higher levels.


In addition to the main processes mentioned above, we ensure that our customers reach their desired surface quality expectations on the part with various process solutions such as corrosion removal, surface smoothing, drying, surface roughening, super finishing, refining and many more.