Antique touch and aesthetics in nature meet with marble ... Vibratory Surface Tumbling Machines offered by Kromas are suitable for surface finishing of all marble and natural stones. It is unrivaled in natural stone surface treatments with its high quality polyurethane and powerful performance engines.


Ability to process plates up to 90cm x 90cm in size.

Priceless natural products that have survived from ancient times to the present day constitute a model for living standards and are generally accepted by societies. With the processes developed by Kromas, 2000 years of antique appearance and effects can be obtained exactly.

System options are determined in line with the industrial production principles, and the production targets of the enterprises are followed and supported with alternative solutions if necessary.

The processes we have developed for special products such as columns, pavements, wall stones, marble sinks and sculptures are used successfully in the sector. With the aging systems it produces, the aim of Kromas is to move the enterprises to the target of maximum production with the least cost and offer important advantages to its customers in competitive conditions.

VRM 3200

VMY 2200

VMY 2400